Saturday, May 5, 2012

Green Smoothies

After exploring more of Victoria Boutenko's writings about green smoothies, I decided to do a week or two cleanse of sorts, primarily consuming green smoothies. I have been learning more about the nutritional powers of greens, the simple thing we all know but still don't give enough importance to. I wanted to see what it felt like if I got a better amount of them.

Green smoothies are a fun way to get your greens for the day. You simply just mix fruit with greens and water so that the greens taste better and that you are able to consume more of them. Green smoothies are a complete food, they have all the vitamins and fiber you need. They are better than eating a salad because oils or fats from dressings and avocado can slow down digestion and nutrient absorption. You are able to consume more greens in a day if they are already broken down for you in a blender. For example, Victoria's research suggests to consume 1/2 -1 bunch greens via smoothies or 2 bunches via normal chewing a day, (eating two bunches of raw kale or spinach is INSANE). People have cured "incurable" diseases and ailments simply buy consuming green smoothies!

Hell, what did I have to loose but to feel even better than I have already. And I have. Already being mostly raw the last few months, this wasn't a huge step but I have noticed a difference in my energy levels eating more greens compared to eating more nuts and heavier raw foods. I am definitely convinced that a couple green smoothies a day is a great way to continue feeling great and being healthy.

You can learn all about green smoothies, like recipes, benefits, common questions on Victoria's blog. She also has a iphone app called Green smoothies, by Raw Family, which is great.

Here are my smoothies from the week. Each recipe typically made enough for 2 or 3 days, and I rotated them daily in order to rotate my greens. I made these up inspired from Victoria's recipes.

Apple, pear, banana, miner's lettuce.

Strawberry, banana, assorted shoots (sunflower, broccoli, pea, asian).

Strawberry, banana, sorrel.

Mango, orange, banana, mustard greens.

Apple, banana, strawberry, russian kale.

You can make green puddings too. 
Coconut water and meat, blueberries, pear, purslane, psyllium husk.