Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raw without trying

You can always take ordinary fruits, veggies, and nuts and eat them as is. Or you can mix them up, soak them, puree' them, dehydrate them and you actually have lasting attention for this way of eating. I know for me, I eat raw because I feel the best I've ever felt, its just about keeping myself interested (and keeping others interested so I am not doing it on my own :)

Good raw food is all about knowing how to prepare something well.

But also its important to know how to eat something simple so you don't burn out. Not everyone wants to cook for every meal, same goes for raw foodists. We need easy, quick meals as well as more complex and interesting meals.

So I try to keep in mind that the simplest of things are super good too.

Like the salad. They never get old for me. There are so many variations you can do, just depends on what you got lying around. Load them up with veggies, nuts, seeds, avo, whatever

Add seaweed if you fancy, and a little tahini dressing

Eating avo with some salt and pepper and/or mustard on it can be the best snack ever. Throw in a little chopped tomato with cilantro and some olives, and you got yourself an easy and self explanatory raw meal.

Of course, the more time you have spent learning raw recipes and have certain things in stock from other recipes, it gets easier to whip something together. Also, sometimes all I need to do is think ahead and I can make something easy when I need to. For example, I know if I soak some wild rice for a couple days, I will have wild rice ready to eat without having to do much of anything.

Some more snacks that are easy to come by that are raw:

apples/celery/bananas with almond butter

carrot sticks


almond milk, add cacao powder and agave!



dried fruit

raw nuts

sometimes you just gotta eat!

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